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Liberty Offering

We are generous.

Every year in the spring we have the opportunity to participate as a church in something that has been part of Champions Centre culture for the last 29 years. Liberty Offering is coming this May!

Mark your calendars and save the date for this year’s Liberty Offering, May 2-3, 2015. Liberty Offering is a one time sacrificial offering that has enabled us to give back to our city as well as make great improvements to Champions Centre, but participating in this annual offering is about more than giving towards projects. For us as a church, it all boils down to that one life that is changed in our city, our region, and around the world!

Over the years, this offering has really been about 4 things:

  • A Vision Offering: We give with expectation of a desired harvest in our lives.
  • A Liberty Offering: We give to proclaim freedom and invest liberally in the Kingdom of God.
  • A Generous Offering: We give above and beyond our tithe. It’s our annual one-time, best offering.
  • A Team Offering: We give knowing none of us can accomplish individually what all of us can do together.

Participating in Liberty Offering is something we encourage our entire church family to consider. Students and kids can do something, single adults and married couples can do something, business owners can do something. Here’s how our church family can get involved between now and May 2-3, 2015: pray, prepare, and participate.

P.S. We love sharing stories of how Liberty Offering has affected people in our church family. Here’s a link to some of the stories from past Liberty Offerings: Watch Videos